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Confusing yet intresting..

23 July 1986
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a change of pace, a tribe called quest, acceptance, afi, alkaline trio, allister, america football, american analog set, aphex twins, apple, aquabats, aqualung, as tall as lions, at all costs, bad religion, basketball, bayside, beach, beatles, bedouin soundclash, beer, biggie smalls, blame it on rio, bloc party, bob dylan, bob marley, boston, bright eyes, captian morgan, cat power, catch 22, ccr, coldplay, denver in dallas, depeche mode, dinosaur jr., dj shadow, dont look down, editing, emery, espn, fall out boy, family guy, fartleiks, final cut pro hd, food, football, four tet, friday nights games, frou frou, further seems forever, g5, gatorade, get up kids, girls soccer, grandaddy, guitar, guster, halifax, hellogoodbye, her space holiday, hidden in plain view, hit the lights, homegrown, imogen heap, jedi mind tricks, jet to brazil, jimi hendrix, junction 18, k.s., kegs, kings of leon, kmac, madcaddys, maismix, mark farina, matchbook romance, mates of state, matisyahu, mest, metric, mickeys, midtown, minus the bear, mj, mogwai, money, motion city soundtrack, mouse on mars, muse, mushroom jazz, music, my chemical romance, my house, name taken, nofx, outkast, peanut butter wolf, pinback, pixies, postal service, pussy, race the sun, racewalking, radiohead, recover, rise against, rjd2, rufio, running, school, senses fail, shelby, silverstein, sleep, sparta, spoon, starcrossed romance, statistics, sublime, subseven, sugarcult, summer, sunny day real estate, tbs, texas a&m, texas hold 'em, the appleseed cast, the books, the doors, the eagles, the escape engine, the faint, the format, the hollies, the notwist, the punchline, the strokes, the unicorns, thrice, thursday, track, tsl, underoath, water, weezer, wendys yellowcard