AdRiaN (weaselslastword) wrote,

Stage 17 is Near.

Peyton Manning
Ind QB

Laurence Maroney

LenDale White
Ten RB P

Hines Ward
Pit WR P

Randy Moss

Wes Welker

Dallas Clark
Ind TE

Patriots D/ST

Rob Bironas
Ten K

Leon Washington

Isaac Bruce

Jason Campbell
Was QB

Reggie Williams
Jac WR

Devin Hester
Chi WR

Jaguars D/ST
Jac D/ST

Travis Henry

This past week i realized signs of my unhealthy body, however when i checked my weight. Ive weighed heavier in my life then now. odd

its because noow adays all my body consumes

Q tacos
MLB Stats
Draft Beer
Coors Light
Miller Light
The Shieffantor (Whatabuger)
and Smoke.

off topic time.

[ stage 3 of the tour de france is live right now, theres protestors trying to stop the race.July has got to be one of the best months for sports.

-MLB All Star Break and FUn
-AFL PLayoffs
-Tour De France with no druggaaas
-Few NFL teams beginning Training Camp.[ Jets,Skins ]
-Track and Field Trials for Bejing
-Curling ?

other notes.

i feel like im being pulled from many angles when i answer that fonecall.
i really do try to keep myself occupied and not think of her.
its like im trying to get her out of my head...Still...and shes making fone calls to try to get me back in her mind....hmm and soo i say to that. WHERE WERE YOU 8 to 7 months ago?!??!? when i really wanted to hear from you and answer those damn calls. ohhh that right she was busy,fuck all this shit. look what meezeelyweasely girl could do to me. put myself throught all that for what? for a cheap ass heb wine bottle, and crazyass roomie. not fucking worth it if you ask me. but what the fuck if you ask me now and and ask me then. Ill give you 2 different answers. hmm soo after all this i find myself askin if iam ever gunna love again. its seems like thats all i ask myself. but shittt

but well i should be on the move to have some fun. should.

but lets close that chapter on my life for now. eh?

ok time to wrap up and start my footnotes.....

1. My days are in the MOrning
2. excited about ACL... HOt Chip.
3. Jasky Tobbsters is the name of my 1st football above.
4. must enjoy days off.
5. Must Enjoy a Glass of Wine At Olive Garden.
6. ok HOLy SHIT MOgwai!!!! fuckin Austin Sept 12 13th maybe.
7. im straight up buying 2 more extra Tix.
8. So i need Company, any takers.
9. Team Barloworld is Riding Bianchi "928 Carbon T-Cube"
10. When The Bills Become the Toronto Bills im working for them.

morning to you.
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