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Fun time pizza and owls. :process to be revised:

i feel like im in 2 worlds

and im just meshing them together and callin it a way of life.

even though my sis hates me at times,often. im proud of her.

"goodbye" says mother goose.

there no way in hell someone can feel the same about someone after much dramatic changes. i just cant puzzle it together.

run on after run on sentences, this is my lj and theres no way im gunna change it.

after much thinking i still cant find the reason why i find myself always thinking of the past. i guess because i get all these fone calls that help me remember. help me never to forget of what and i did.

in a nut shell i just remember the not so good times and remembering all the ulgy emotion i went through to get where im at today ha.

but nowa days things seem to be on the fun side, well this is only optoimic talk here. but im having, well at least i did 4 that night. ehh but in the last 6 months anything would put a smile on my face.

just flow with it.

sooo yes. its the honest truth i have a offical fear. seeing my outside fam. =[.... i just dont know how to communitcate offically. not one back.

but i think my fears will be faced and people will be understanding. hoping.

and the whole time im typing this im craving a sweet Whataburger ha. or some sweeet pasto tacos.

today i offically declared myself a night owl.

ill explain Later.

must go.

over and out.
Tags: blah, get in my belly.
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