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Your Chula Vista. [08 Feb 2009|05:19pm]
futon,beach,bay,runnin,walkin all fun stuff. hmm

this lady is too funny.

but hey lets work this out. si?

probowl.cookies home,and raidohead. all in a good days work.

much more later. with details.
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dont read too much into it. [17 Dec 2008|07:11pm]
and i never learn.

its like i need to go to my happy place. my jukes,pump fakes,record breakers,audibles,and recuiting.

its my home...


: a substitute offensive or defensive play called at the line of scrimmage in football

the cold weather is here.

these times make me miss the island.

weasel need to get back on the baseball field.

but it seems that brick Mailboxes come in my way.

Nov. 22 2008.

ohh what a joy slash nightmare.

its Daniella Bday.! hoppes she had a goodone.

besides all that.

i went 7and7 in the reg season with 2 out of the 3 FFs.

then lost in 1st rd. of the winners bracket....

ps. New Goal.

INdy=Feb.= NFL Combine= jobs leads
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back [12 Nov 2008|12:00am]

today was fun. nice to meet to new faces.

I stand 4th so far in the rankings in week 11.

i would love to rant but


maybe never.

mychoice im gone.
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restless. [29 Sep 2008|01:44pm]
[ mood | farve? ]

its monday, End of the Month. Where is my mind? Where is there mind?

i gotta get out of here.

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The Official NFL Widget [12 Sep 2008|06:39am]
i dk this is a test...beep

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Stage 17 is Near. [07 Jul 2008|09:12am]
Peyton Manning
Ind QB

Laurence Maroney

LenDale White
Ten RB P

Hines Ward
Pit WR P

Randy Moss

Wes Welker

Dallas Clark
Ind TE

Patriots D/ST

Rob Bironas
Ten K

Leon Washington

Isaac Bruce

Jason Campbell
Was QB

Reggie Williams
Jac WR

Devin Hester
Chi WR

Jaguars D/ST
Jac D/ST

Travis Henry

This past week i realized signs of my unhealthy body, however when i checked my weight. Ive weighed heavier in my life then now. odd

its because noow adays all my body consumes

Q tacos
MLB Stats
Draft Beer
Coors Light
Miller Light
The Shieffantor (Whatabuger)
and Smoke.

off topic time.

[ stage 3 of the tour de france is live right now, theres protestors trying to stop the race.July has got to be one of the best months for sports.

-MLB All Star Break and FUn
-AFL PLayoffs
-Tour De France with no druggaaas
-Few NFL teams beginning Training Camp.[ Jets,Skins ]
-Track and Field Trials for Bejing
-Curling ?

other notes.

i feel like im being pulled from many angles when i answer that fonecall.
i really do try to keep myself occupied and not think of her.
its like im trying to get her out of my head...Still...and shes making fone calls to try to get me back in her mind....hmm and soo i say to that. WHERE WERE YOU 8 to 7 months ago?!??!? when i really wanted to hear from you and answer those damn calls. ohhh that right she was busy,fuck all this shit. look what meezeelyweasely girl could do to me. put myself throught all that for what? for a cheap ass heb wine bottle, and crazyass roomie. not fucking worth it if you ask me. but what the fuck if you ask me now and and ask me then. Ill give you 2 different answers. hmm soo after all this i find myself askin if iam ever gunna love again. its seems like thats all i ask myself. but shittt

but well i should be on the move to have some fun. should.

but lets close that chapter on my life for now. eh?

ok time to wrap up and start my footnotes.....

1. My days are in the MOrning
2. excited about ACL... HOt Chip.
3. Jasky Tobbsters is the name of my 1st football above.
4. must enjoy days off.
5. Must Enjoy a Glass of Wine At Olive Garden.
6. ok HOLy SHIT MOgwai!!!! fuckin Austin Sept 12 13th maybe.
7. im straight up buying 2 more extra Tix.
8. So i need Company, any takers.
9. Team Barloworld is Riding Bianchi "928 Carbon T-Cube"
10. When The Bills Become the Toronto Bills im working for them.

morning to you.
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[16 Jun 2008|09:11pm]
i miss

the track on foggy mornings.
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After 50+ games. where I Stand in this fantasy world. [30 May 2008|02:27pm]
My Fantasy Team last year. stats. The Austin Weaseling. I made had the 2nd most moves in the league with 23. I finished 3rd in my Divison and 7th overall.

Austin WeaSeling Wins: 111 Losses: 116 Tie: 13 Win Pec: .490 Games Behind: 32.5

775 187 741 82 .2813 767 72 24 4.269 1.373

At Bat|Runs| |HR| |RBI| |SB| Batting Avg.
Johnny Estrada
Was 123/442 40 10 54 0 .278

Albert Pujols
StL 185/565 99 32 103 2 .327

Brandon Phillips
Cin 187/650 107 30 94 32 .288

Brandon Inge
Det 120/508 64 14 71 9 .236

David Eckstein
Tor 134/434 58 3 31 10 .309

Curtis Granderson
Det 185/612 122 23 74 26 .302

Melky Cabrera
NYY 149/545 66 8 73 13 .273

Rick Ankiel
StL 49/172 31 11 39 1 .285

Hideki Matsui
NYY OF, DH 156/547 100 25 103 4 .285

Casey Blake
Bos 1B, 3B, OF 159/588 81 18 78 4 .270

Craig Biggio
Hou 2B 130/517 68 10 50 4 .251

Chris Young
Ari 135/569 85 32 68 27 .237

This baseball season.

Steal Wookies currently in 2nd with a half game ahead in my div. so far 70 moves.

Fraying Willers is still in 2nd to last place with only 1 save all year by Ryan Franklin of the St.Louis Cardinals. Also with the most moves at 64.

update after all star break at Yankee Stadium this year.
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walking in memories. [15 Apr 2008|06:55pm]
today i felt awkward.

fone ringing.


more later.
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Strong Island? or Wrong Island? [02 Apr 2008|08:20am]
Barack Obama bowling.

he scored a 37.

i think im gunna vote for him now.

the herd then sleep.


enough said.
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% and rate [29 Mar 2008|10:34pm]
meet me in montauk.

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when i get old, im losing my head. [26 Mar 2008|07:44am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

good morning.

today. im gunna be a bum.

nothing special anymore.


just back to normal.

get high on a kite.

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eek [24 Mar 2008|09:27am]
ok so yesterday.

i was wasted.

pitchers,joints,longnecks,bowls all before 7.

i believe i pasted out around 9.

so this morning i woke up around 7 and came home.

i dont know what got into me yesterday.

and today?

movies would be sweet.
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Fun time pizza and owls. :process to be revised: [19 Mar 2008|04:16pm]
i feel like im in 2 worlds

and im just meshing them together and callin it a way of life.

even though my sis hates me at times,often. im proud of her.

"goodbye" says mother goose.

there no way in hell someone can feel the same about someone after much dramatic changes. i just cant puzzle it together.

run on after run on sentences, this is my lj and theres no way im gunna change it.

after much thinking i still cant find the reason why i find myself always thinking of the past. i guess because i get all these fone calls that help me remember. help me never to forget of what and i did.

in a nut shell i just remember the not so good times and remembering all the ulgy emotion i went through to get where im at today ha.

but nowa days things seem to be on the fun side, well this is only optoimic talk here. but im having, well at least i did 4 that night. ehh but in the last 6 months anything would put a smile on my face.

just flow with it.

sooo yes. its the honest truth i have a offical fear. seeing my outside fam. =[.... i just dont know how to communitcate offically. not one back.

but i think my fears will be faced and people will be understanding. hoping.

and the whole time im typing this im craving a sweet Whataburger ha. or some sweeet pasto tacos.

today i offically declared myself a night owl.

ill explain Later.

must go.

over and out.
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HOw great THo Art. [14 Mar 2008|11:30pm]
I mis these times








but instead
this is my only true friend =]
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Carry my weight, I will carry hers. [25 Feb 2008|04:09am]
[ mood | drained ]


haha i have to put that just incase people are trying to follow what im trying to say.i collaborate a bunch of ideas and put them into a group of misunderstanding sentences. this Journal has not been touched since ohhhh about a lil over a year. My Friends pages is overwhelmed with about 4 people. Great for them and what they type to speak their mind. I will do the same, i will do the same. Just like i used to about 4 years ago when i was on this daily.

yup its me...

its all back and im back, back the reality i could, or should i say allow myself to be comfrontable.

sitting here on this hungry couch thinking,analyzing every bit of my actions within the past hour, the past evening, within the last Year.

this past year.


i cant even begin to describe what went down.

its been just majors events one after another when lil fucking smalls one and small fone calls.

theres no TrueFriend in X.

how far does friendship take you/

these little nibbles are really temping, but ive noticed im a lil rusty.

i spent all my after time alone. by choice. terrible huh.

we dont care, they dont care, she wont care, you wont care.

ha just me.

i feel once i turn 22 i can relax, i feel like im in Safe Mode, In this limited lil world i live in.

i new 21 was scary, but who new it would be this intense to juggle.


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I Will Start Back Again. [26 Oct 2007|02:15am]
[ mood | awake ]

so lately times have been, well kinda shaky, i guess because im back on my feet and startin over again. once again.

In this new house now. i like it. its cozy

it makes me never want to go back to the Valley.

I heart College Football and Evey.

theres no time to say "what could have been?" or "i shoulda said this or that"

but my days seem to get caught up in all this aftermath.

and i mean, whats going to be come of me when Football season ends?

it could be the only thing.

:sigh: so on the lightest subject in my life.

shes gone and into to someone elses hands, i cant really come to say "oh well" and forget all this, just like everyone knows it takes a while, however some things that i know that no one will ever know. soo secretive i dont even have a clue on what it is. but you know i guess people keep feelings in for there own good or for everyone elses sake.

ya i tried and tired, i came about it in different ways, but the road seems to only be a one way.

reality hits you in the hardest way.

i just let myself crumble and crumble.

enough said.

party at my house Sat.

come Join me.

old school fastball in my head.


Sometimes I feel
Like I am drunk behind the wheel
The wheel of possibility
However it may roll
Give it a spin
See if you can somehow factor in

You know there's always more than one way
To say exactly what you mean to say
Was I out of my head? Was I out of my mind?
How could I have ever been so blind?
I was waiting for an indication
It was hard to find
Don't matter what I say only what I do
In ever mean to do bad things to you
So quiet but I finally woke up
If you're sad then it's time you spoke up too

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Closure? [16 Oct 2007|08:48am]
[ mood | restless ]

fuck. i just need one more time. one more time. for mysake.

would you have time this week to sitdown and chat, for oldtime sake?

i just want/need to get things said and think i've been going about this the wrong way.

the best way to talk about all this is in person.

i think i deserve this one last request.

if you could give me 30mins of your time that would be sensational.


hear me out. one last time.

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Everybody seems to think im Crazy. [04 Oct 2007|07:13am]
i dont know where to start.

maybe later.

i hate the past, therefore i hate her.

grow up Adrian.
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21. [20 Jul 2007|04:06pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

On Monday, July 23, ESPN will debut "College Football Live", a daily dose of all the latest news and analysis at 3:30 p.m. ET. Rece Davis will be your host and will be joined by a rotating cast of ESPN college football experts including Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso and many more.

ironic? i think not.

sign from God.

By the Way, cant do this anymore.

everyone is full of Bullshit, including me.


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